Specialist Psychiatrist

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Abu Dhabi - Job Description 1. Analyze and evaluate patient data and test or examination findings to diagnose nature and extent of mental disorder. 2. Prescribe, direct, and administer psychotherapeutic treatments and/or medications to treat mental, emotional, and/or behavioral disorders. 3. Collaborate with psychologist and other team members to discuss treatment plans and progress. 4. Gather patient information and records, including social and medical history obtained from patients, relatives, and other professionals. 5. Design individualized care plans, using a variety of treatments. 6. Examine or conduct laboratory or diagnostic tests on patient to provide information on general physical condition and mental disorder. 7. Advise and inform guardians, relatives, and significant others of patients' conditions and treatment. 8. Review and evaluate treatment procedures and outcomes of other psychiatrists and medical professionals. 9. Deliver lectures on various mental health issues....

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