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The IB DP Coordinator is a key leadership position and is responsible for the administration and development of the IB Diploma programme in grades 11 and 12. Together with the school administration, the IB coordinator is involved in the whole school implementation of the IB and is the direct point of contact with the IBO regarding the DP programme.


Responsibilities relating to Different Constituencies and Areas:


  • Oversee the student selection procedure in accordance to school policies.

  • Monitor the progress of IB students.

  • Be informed of the development of each IB Diploma student.

  • Discuss with the student and consult with the IB Diploma staff and the academic counselor about necessary changes in subject options and other actions concerning the student’s academic or personal development.

  • Assume primary responsibility for initiating information to diploma candidates about the extended essay and maintain follow up with teachers supervising extended essays.

  • Ensure that candidates meet programme and examination requirements and fulfill IB Diploma regulations.

  • Ensure that candidates are informed of the exam procedures and the services provided by the IBO (early results, enquiries upon results, legislation) and that the services are executed where necessary.

  • Accommodate transfer students by liaising with their previous school andor provide the receiving school with necessary information.

  • Organize relevant assemblies and activities to encourage the development and promotion of students in the IB programme including school wide assemblies.



  • Provide comprehensive information on the IB Diploma programme to interested parents. Update the IB DP Handbook regularly.

  • Ensure that parents’ meetings are organized at least once a semester.

  • Organize Orientation sessions about the IB program for parents of grade 10.

  • Advise parents of students of grade 10 in choosing the subjects for their children.

IB Diploma Staf:

  • Provide the IB Diploma staff with advice and support.

  • Consult with IB staff to monitor the on going progress of students particularly following progress and semester reports and mock examinations.

  • Review and analyze the annual results with IB staff and develop plans of improvement when necessary.

  • Organize regular staff meetings for discussion of common matters to ensure a smooth running of the programme in the school.

  • Ensure that all IB Diploma staff have access to relevant publications and updated resource materials, and thus are fully informed of current programme content and subject requirements.

  • Ensure that all staff are informed of and adhere to IB Diploma regulations.

  • Keep staff informed of current IB Diploma developments as announced in Coordinator Notes, the Vade Mecum and correspondence from the IBO.

  • Administer and be responsible for the ‘Annual Calendar of procedures and major deadlines’ (Vade Mecum). Meet all deadlines.

  • Ensure that all staff are informed of the relevant assessment procedures.

  • Monitor and keep records of IB staff experience and professional development.

  • Coordinate staff professional development and provide opportunities at internal and external IB Diploma workshops.

  • Anticipate staffing needs and encourage the development of non-current IB staff into the programme.

  • Liaise with the teacher responsible for TOK to ensure that the programme is well administered.

  • In conjunction with the CAS Supervisor, establish the process of monitoring students in their CAS activities to ensure that all students perform appropriate activities.

  • Liaise with the librarian regarding the provision of resource books and other relevant matters.

  • Inform newly appointed IB Diploma staff of all relevant aspects of the programme.

  • Inform Department Heads and teachers of requirements of internal assessment and guided coursework and distribute mark sheets as supplied by IBCA for completion.

School Administration:

  • Liaise with the Principal and Assistant Principal to contribute to the development of the professional development plan.

  • Contribute to the school calendar.

  • Submit plans for the long-term improvement of the Diploma Programme within the school and monitor the implementation of these plans.

IBO Offices:

  • Serve as liaison between administration, staff, students, parents, and IBO and thus handle all relevant communication with the different IB Diploma offices.

  • Be familiar with all IB Diploma procedures as listed in the Vade Mecum.

  • Ensure that administrative procedures be carried out correctly and that deadlines be kept according to IBO instructions.

  • Keep copies of all correspondence with IBO including forms, documents, and reports.

  • Ensure that conditions for the conduct of the examinations are fulfilled.

Extended essays:

  • Inform supervisors and students about the extended essay requirement, the guidelines and assessment criteria.

  • Identify teaching staff with suitable qualifications and experience to act as supervisors.

  • Ensure that potential supervisors are familiar with the extended essay requirement and how it contributes to the Diploma Programme.

  • Ensure that students do not change their subject and/or response language for an extended essay after the registrations have been submitted.

  • Enforce internal school deadlines.

  • Ensure that students meet with their supervisor on a regular basis.

  • Ensure the timely mailing of extended essays to examiners.


  • Organize mock/trial written and oral examinations for students and invigilators.

  • Maintain the security of examination papers.

  • Inform students and invigilators about examination procedures and regulations.

  • Provide students with individual examination schedules and the IB handout on the conduct of the examinations.

  • Establish and equipping a suitable location for the examinations.

  • Ensure that there is sufficient stationery for the examinations.

  • Check requirements for calculators, data booklets, case studies and other authorized material for examinations.

  • Establish an invigilation schedule and informing invigilators of the schedule.

  • Ensure that all invigilators are aware of their responsibilities.

  • Plan for the mailing of examination scripts to examiners within 24 hours after each examination.

  • Encourage teachers to complete and submit the relevant forms after each examination for their subject.

  • Submit CAS information to the regional office.



  • Liaise with the Principal to develop the IB Diploma budget.

  • Notify the Principal and the accounting office of IB Diploma payments due, where applicable.

  • Check invoices, ensure arrival of materials and authorize payment of IBO invoices and direct invoices to the accounting office.

  • Liaise with the Principal with regard to IBO workshops.


    The IBDP coordinator will be required to teach DP or MYP up to 50% of a regular teacher’s teaching load. Preferably Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology or History.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2019-04-03
Job Location: Doha, Qatar
Job Role: Teaching and Academics
Company Industry: Education, Training, and Library

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Mid Career
Degree: Bachelor's degree

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