Al-Moatamed Human Resource Application

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Hawalli, Kuwait - وصف الإعلان The trusted programmers for the employees' affairs , the program works on doing all the concerned and special conjunctions of the employees based on these principal items as following : 1/Data base for unlimited employees' datas 2/ Entering the employee's data once 3/ Adding a new employee - editing an employee's data - deleting an employee - deleting all . 4/ Employee's lists :Transforming the employee's data to a list in case of ending him from the company and recalling these data again in case of need 5/ Various employees' lists 6/ Employees' salaries with its sub continents 7/ Employees' loans with its sub continents 8/ Regarding the work ending according to the work law 9/ Holidays with its sub continents 10/ Working expenses 11/ Employees' locomotions 12/ The employees' pheasant 13/ Employees' upgrades 14/ Estimating the employees' work 15/ Various information : 16/ Employees' concerns 17/ Various and available continents 18/ Users allowed system ...

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