Dental Technician

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Dental House Center مركز دنتال هاوس - Kuwait City - Fill orders for dental prosthetics, including dentures, bridges, crowns, veneers and inlays. Make models of the mouth and teeth from impressions of the patient's mouth (taken by the Prosthetist or Dentist) Moving, replacing, retaining and protecting teeth (Orthodontics; mouth guards) Build up wax replicas of part or all of the mouth and/or teeth using the model, encase the wax in a mold material and melt away the wax Replace the wax with plastic, metal or ceramic materials to make the replacement appliance, polish and finish the appliance prior to being placed in the patient's mouth Make appliances for patients with cleft palates, braces and plates for correcting irregular teeth and mouth guards. Trim and pour denture models. Fabricate porcelain veneers for crowns, fixed dental prostheses, implant restorations, and all-ceramic crowns using ceramo-metal techniques Build and finish porcelain fused to metal restorations Finish full and partial dentures with and without implants ...

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