Netcom Omdac-Swaca Theater Logistics Support Facility Manager

Posted By Gulf Recruitments
Kuwait City - Operations, Maintenance, and Defense of Army Communications in Southwest Asia and Central Asia (OMDAC SWACA). Performs life cycle maintenance and integrated product support (IPS) of major systems. Controls the efficient flow of goods, services and information between point of origin through customer placement in order to meet customer requirements. May also plan, schedule and manage the efficient movement of material from receiving or the warehouse to production. Develops raw material requirements and scheduling requirements from engineering specifications and production schedules and plans and manages material movement with purchasing, warehouse, and production. Develops capability and facility build-out plans and assessments. Ensures the execution and continuous improvement of standard logistic processes. Logistics functions encompass maintenance, supply, transportation and logistics plans. Inherently included as logistics tasks are program formulation, policy planning, coordin...

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