Patriot Communications Technician

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Kuwait City - Description Job Description: The Patriot Communications Technician is responsible for the organizational repair/maintenance of all communications equipment in support of the Kuwait Patriot Modernization Program. This includes computer networking with Cisco systems equipment, OSPF routing, TCP/IP, LAN/WAN connections, Virtual Private Networking, fiber optic links, and communication packet analysis. The Patriot Communication Technician will provide technical assistance and “self-sustainment” training to FMS Patriot personnel, as well as to the modernization efforts of Patriot Battery systems. The technician will provide technical advice and assistance for the testing, maintenance, repair and operation of all ultra-high frequency / very high frequency (UHF/VHF) communications equipment and links located throughout the Patriot System to include the associated tower and COMSEC equipment. Additionally, the Patriot Communications Technician will interface with the depot communications engin...

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